Code 20 Team Member Receives Letter of Appreciation

By Navy Judge Advocate General (JAG) Corps Public Affairs

MillRindeLt. Genevieve Loutinsky — who served as an invaluable member of the JAG Corps Criminal Law Division (Code 20) — received a letter of appreciation on May 11 from Acting Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Manpower & Reserve Affairs) Robert L. Woods.

Loutinsky was recognized for supporting the review of a new mandate to implement punitive instructions that prohibit retaliation and ostracism. The mandate was issued by the Secretary of Defense, and its goal is to further discourage mistreatment of victims, witnesses and those who provide support services to victims.

Loutinsky worked with Woods’ office to identify Navy instructions that needed updating, ad to ensure all subsequent revisions complied with the mandate.

Woods called Loutinsky’s work “meticulous and respectful,” and he applauded her “thorough, analytical and well-reasoned review.”

“The work that you do within the Criminal Law Division is truly important,” he added. He said she “represented OJAG, Code 20 and the Navy as a whole in a truly outstanding manner.”

These efforts, ultimately, will result in stronger protections for victims, witnesses and those who provide vital support to victims of crime.

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