Promotion, Retirement of Chief Judge of the Navy

The following message was released by Judge Advocate General of the Navy Vice Adm. James W. Crawford III and Deputy Judge Advocate General of the Navy Rear Adm. John G. Hannink 

Rear Admiral Christian L. Reismeier was promoted upon his retirement after 30 years of honorable and dedicated service to our Nation and our Navy on July 1.

For the past three years, Rear Admiral Reismeier served with distinction as Assistant Judge Advocate General (AJAG), Chief Judge, Department of the Navy. Rear Admiral Reismeier’s service as AJAG and Chief Judge marked the culmination of an extraordinarily successful career. His previous assignments include Chief Judge, Navy-Marine Corps Court of Criminal Appeals; Executive Director of the Detention Policy Task Force; Division Director, OJAG Criminal Law Division (Code 20); Military Judge for the Southwest Judicial Circuit and the Tidewater Judicial Circuit; Senior Defense Counsel, Navy Legal Service Office (NLSO) Mid-Atlantic; Head of the Trial Counsel Assistance Program; OJAG Appellate Government; Senior Trial Counsel, Trial Service Office, Mayport; and Senior Trial Counsel at NLSO Mayport.

Rear Admiral Reismeier was truly a career litigator.  As appellate counsel, he filed more than 180 appellate briefs, and argued 13 cases before the Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces, Navy-Marine Corps Court of Criminal Appeals and the Third Circuit Court of Appeals in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.

Based on his experience and expertise, Rear Admiral Reismeier was called on repeatedly to provided legal and policy advice to a variety of clients including the White House, Department of State, Office of the Secretary of Defense, Secretary of the Navy, Chief of Naval Operations, and the Judge Advocate General of the Navy, with specific concentration on the topics of military detention policy and military criminal justice.

Among his many notable accomplishments, Rear Admiral Reismeier was involved in the development of the Military Justice Litigation Career Track, which developed into a cadre of over 80 judge advocates and significantly enhanced the Navy’s military justice practice.

His contributions to the JAG Corps, the Department of the Navy, and the Nation will resonate for years to come. Please join us in congratulating Rear Admiral Reismeier and his family on his promotion and retirement!

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