#BZFriday: RLSO Japan

This week we celebrate the exploits of the exceptional men and women of Region Legal Service Office Japan.

Members of Region Legal Service Office Japan pose for a group photo after taking first place at a dodgeball tournament.
Legalman 2nd Class Jacob Johnson, Branch Office Okinawa, participated in CFAO’s Multi-Cultural Committee’s 5K Color Fun Run in celebration of LGBT Pride Month.
Legalman 1st Class Chen Nee and his assigned partner for the Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) Bilateral Leadership Continuum receive their graduation certificates.  The class was composed of 12 Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force sailors, 11 Navy sailors, and one army soldier, and focused on analyzing contentious topics and discussing solutions. Nee’s group discussed mentorship, LGBT/TG, pregnancy’s effects on promotion, and advancement for women within the workplace. Nee personally presented the issues of LGBT/TG and how the U.S. Navy has worked to move forward after the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” While the course was challenging, Nee reported that it strengthened the relationship between the US Navy and the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force by working together, and they created some actionable solutions to issues facing both services.
Those present in the picture for winning second place in the Captain’s Cup Coed Ultimate Frisbee Tournament: Lt. Bobby Martin, Senior Chief Chiara White, Cmdr. Tracy Clark, Lt. j.g. Maria Deguzman, Lt. Elizabeth Retter, Lt. Kate Tanner, Lt. Ben Maddox, Lt. Peter Yagel.

BZ to Lt. Cmdr. Peter Ostrom for quick thinking and response in a crisis. On the Fourth of July, his family was attending a BBQ when the house dog escaped and attacked. Ostrom ran toward the sound of screams to find the 130 pound dog mauling a woman. Ostrom did not hesitate to throw himself at the dog, pulling it off the woman and keeping her from further harm. She sustained significant injury before he arrived, and Ostrom and his family have further aided by helping watch her children while she received continued treatment in the hospital. But for Ostrom’s quick reaction and brave intervention, her injuries would have been far worse.

Region Legal Service Office Japan provides the forward deployed naval forces, regional, and tenant commands within the Western Pacific and Indian Oceans military justice, legal assistance, and command services advice and support.

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