Opening the Holiday Season with Safety

The following message is from JAG Corps senior leaders Vice Adm. James Houck, Rear Adm. Nanette DeRenzi, Rear Adm. Steven Talson, Col. John Ewers, Capt. John Hannink, Capt. Michael Quinn, Capt. Daniel O’Toole, and Legalman Command Master Chief Christopher Browning.

printad12261This has been a busy and productive year for the JAG Corps. Each of you contributed to our success through your hard work and dedication to the mission. In the midst of all your activities this holiday season, take time to celebrate and reflect on your professional and personal accomplishments. You should be proud!

The coming weeks are also a great opportunity to take some much-deserved time off to spend with family, friends and shipmates. However, this is our eleventh holiday season at war and many members of our Corps will not have that luxury as they stand duty around the world.  In the next few weeks, the detailers will release a “People Talk” with contact information for the members of our Corps currently deployed. We all appreciate their sacrifice and hope you will take the opportunity to thank those who are forward deployed during the holidays.

No matter where you travel this holiday season, your safety is everything. When driving, wear your seat belt and make sure you get plenty of rest. If you drink, appoint a designated driver. These safe practices are important throughout the year and the holidays are no exception.

The holidays can also be stressful and difficult. Be alert to issues with your friends and shipmates. By taking the time to care for someone in need, you can make a difference. An act of appreciation or understanding can help someone who was considering suicide find the confidence to ask for help or discover the hope to keep living.

We hope each of you has an enjoyable holiday season. Your work is vital to success of the Navy’s mission and to the defense of our nation. We look forward to seeing everyone in 20l2!

Thanks from all of us!

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