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News | July 14, 2015

JTF-GTMO Legalmen awarded commendation

By Lt. Jasmine Scott, Joint Task Force Guantanamo

The Assistant Command Fitness Leaders (ACFLs) for Joint Task Force Guantanamo (JTF-GTMO) recently received commendation from Rear Adm. Kyle Cozard, commander, JTF-GTMO and Capt. Mark Winter, chief of staff.  We completed cycle 1 of the 2015 physical fitness assessment (PFA).  The ACFLs were instrumental in ensuring a successful PFA through their hard work and dedication.

Legalman 1st Class Celeste Dunlap was the leading petty officer ACFL.  In this capacity she went above and beyond by creating a records management system to track the various incoming and outgoing Navy personnel at JTF-GTMO.  Her system directly contributed to mission accomplishment by filling the gap created by not being able to fully utilize PRIMS at JTF-GTMO.  In this role Dunlap provided leadership and mentorship for the eight other petty officer ACFLs.  Chief Legalman Sonya Jefferson as the only chief petty officer ACFL also provided advice and guidance for all nine petty officers in her charge.

Jefferson additionally provided first line support for the command with the largest Navy contingent, the Joint Medical Group.  Together,  Jefferson and Dunlap led the charge ensuring that JTF-GTMO's cycle 1 PFA was smooth, efficient, and consistent with the regulations.
The ACFLs at JTF-GTMO are responsible for ensuring each sailor's readiness for the PFA, for the proper execution of the body composition analysis and the physical readiness test  which make up the PFA, and for correctly reporting the scores back to the sailor's parent commands.  Because the vast majority of the 250 Navy sailors at JTF-GTMO are not accessible to the ACFLs in the Navy's information management system PRIMS, the ACFLs had to work extra hard to ensure readiness prior to the PFA and to accurately report the scores to the various home units.

For their superior work Jefferson and the other petty officers were awarded fleet letters of commendation.  Dunlap for her dedication, commitment, and development of the records management system was awarded a Navy Achievement Medal.

I am proud as a judge advocate to serve as the CFL for these terrific legalman leading by example in the fleet.
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