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News | Feb. 3, 2017

Leading the Combined Federal Campaign to Success

By Navy JAG Corps Public Affairs

Lt. Cmdr. Adam Yost didn’t really consider his efforts on behalf of the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) to be a collateral duty. He had just assumed his new post in General Litigation (Code 14) at the Office of the Judge Advocate General (OJAG) last August when the opportunity first presented itself.

After discussing the role with his supervisor, Yost was tapped to serve as the lead CFC coordinator for OJAG and Naval Legal Service Command (NLSC). He knew it would be a great opportunity to meet colleagues – both within his area of practice and elsewhere. Among his new connections, he was especially excited to work on CFC alongside Legalman 1st Class Michael Keehn, Knowledge Management, and Lt. Genevieve Loutinsky Criminal Law (Code 20) . Together, they divided responsibilities and conducted outreach to increase awareness of CFC and its positive impacts. Managing CFC was also an opportunity to broaden his focus. As Yost immersed himself in his new role at Code 14 – spending his days defending the Navy and Department of Defense – CFC offered an occasional change of pace. From time to time, it provided him a chance to shift gears, to acquire new responsibilities, to network and to learn. Perhaps most importantly, overseeing CFC for OJAG and NLSC was a chance for Yost to give back. His efforts – and the work of Keehn and Loutinsky – resulted in a collective contribution of $11,890 from OJAG and NLSC personnel to many worthy charities. And that sum helped ensure that the Department of the Navy Secretariat exceeded its CFC goal and raised $270,000. “The CFC is really about outreach – making individuals aware of some very worthy causes, and it was nice to be a part of it,” said Yost, who was sure to note that his colleagues, Keehn and Loutinsky, played an equally important role in CFC efforts. “Giving to charity can be a very personal decision, and my job was simply to connect those who were able to contribute to the resources that helped them do so. It was a good experience and I learned a lot,” he said. Ultimately, Yost considered his efforts on behalf of CFC to be an extension of his duties as dedicated member of the JAG community – and the worldwide military family.
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