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News | June 22, 2017

2017 Navy JAG Corps Summer Interns

By Navy JAG Corps Public Affairs

Ana Maria Burgos-Solis
University of San Diego, School of Law

Western Judicial Circuit
"I chose to pursue a career in law because I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives. While in law school, I had the opportunity to clerk for the USD Veterans Legal Clinic. In doing so, I developed a passion for assisting the men and women who have bravely served our country. I chose to intern with the Navy JAG in hopes that after law school I would have the opportunity to serve as a judge advocate and the honor of wearing the uniform. I admire the skill, discipline and integrity of those Navy judge advocates I have had the privilege to meet and I aspire to join them in selfless service. Most importantly, I hope to one day have the opportunity to serve alongside the men and women who once helped me discover a legal career with purpose." 

Casey Connolly
Harvard Law School

Region Legal Service Office EURAFSWA
"Growing up in a family of prosecutors, I was raised to believe that practicing law is more than just a mental exercise – it is a call to public service. I once sought to answer this call by following in my father's footsteps and becoming a prosecutor in the traditional sense. The Navy JAG Corps, however, is an opportunity to commit my life to public service more completely than I could as a civilian prosecutor. I am particularly interested in the Navy branch, because the Navy’s unique international focus aligns closely with my academic passions: foreign relations and national security. There is no other job in the world where I could hope to provide substantial public service while exploring such a diverse range of practice areas. I am excited about the Navy JAG summer internship as an opportunity to start engaging in such service as early as possible in my legal career." 

Preston W. Rose
SMU Dedman School of Law

Region Legal Service Office Mid-Atlantic Detachment Groton
"I applied to the Navy JAG Corps because I have always been drawn towards public service. My past internships in the Texas and U.S. House of Representatives have cemented my desire to give back. I am excited to work with the esteemed men and women who serve in the JAG Corps. My ultimate goal is to become a JAG officer after graduation. The internship will give provide invaluable insight into what it really means to serve in the Navy JAG Corps. I am grateful for the opportunity to work and learn alongside the RLSO Detachment in Groton this summer!" 

Charly J. O'Brien,
Syracuse University College of Law

U.S. Naval Bureau of Medicine and Surgery (BUMED)
"I applied for the Navy JAG Corps intern program to gain insight into the military justice system. Before entering law school, I had the hope that one day I could be a JAG. I have such a great appreciation for those in our armed forces and what they sacrifice. I do believe that every individual has a responsibility to contribute what he or she can in furtherance of the greater good. I would appreciate the opportunity to use my legal education to give back to my country what I can, and to work alongside those in uniform. I know that a JAG works under pressure, in a diverse and challenging environment, and that it takes a committed and passionate individual to succeed at the job. I’m excited to learn what it truly means to be a JAG this summer." 

Nicholas Monck
University of Colorado School of Law

Navy-Marine Corps Court of Criminal Appeals
"I applied to the Navy JAG Corps intern program to gain firsthand experience of the military, and what it means to be a Naval officer. I feel a duty to serve my country and defend the freedoms and opportunities it gives its citizens. This summer I hope to learn more about the military justice system, as well as the policy issues which affect the armed services. Public service has always been important to me. The Navy JAG internship will allow me support the men and women in uniform who have dedicated their lives to protecting all of ours." 

Taylor Winn
Texas A&M School of Law

NAS JRB Fort Worth
"I have considered joining the military on several occasions, but have never felt that the time was right or that I had found the right opportunity. I feel that with the opportunity to become a JAG, I might have found the right opportunity at the right time. I have a passion for serving others and I do not think there would be a greater honor than serving the men and women who serve our country. I applied for this internship hoping to serve those men and women as well as gain valuable insight and experience in the Navy JAG Corps that will help me better prepare for a potential future in the Navy and assess whether this is the right career path for me. Getting hands on experience alongside current JAGs will provide more insightful information than I could ever expect to get by doing online research, and I think the experience will be invaluable." 

Chris Linnan
University of Michigan Law School

Office of the Judge Advocate General - Appellate Government
 "My grandfather came from a small West Virginia coal mining town. It was the type of community where multiple generations live within a few miles of each other and everybody works at the same place. Very few people leave, but grandfather did by enlisting in the Marine Corps. He then worked his way through the ranks and was eventually selected to be an officer. The military gave him, a poor kid from small-town West Virginia, opportunities he never would have otherwise had; it also allowed him to give back to his country every day. Most of the rest of my family also served in the Marines or Navy. I am tremendously proud of their service and would now like to follow in their footsteps. The Navy JAG Corps intern program is my first step and I am very excited to be working in the Appellate Government Command this summer."

Ben Dickerson
California Western School of Law

Force Judge Advocate Office, Commander Naval Air Forces Pacific
"I applied for the Navy JAG Corps intern program in furtherance of my goal of serving as a Navy judge advocate. I know firsthand that the Navy JAG Corps not only benefits our national defense, it also makes a difference in the lives of our service members. I served as a nuclear Machinist Mate in the Navy from 2000 to 2011, and deployed to the Persian Gulf in ’03, ’05, and ’07. Navy judge advocates drafted my will and other legal documents to prepare my family and me for my deployments, and gave free legal advice to my spouse while I was away. Because things were taken care of on the home front, I could deploy without distractions. I want to serve my country again, and I want to pay forward the outstanding assistance I received by helping today's service members." 

James Byrne
Suffolk University Law School

Defense Service Office West
"I applied to the JAG Corps Internship Program because I went to law school to continue my family's long-standing commitment to military service by joining the U.S. Navy JAG Corps after graduation. Participating in the U.S. Navy JAG Corps internship will help me to learn more about the military justice system and about what life is like as an officer in the U.S. Navy.  I also look forward to supporting and assisting JAG Corps officers who are representing sailors. I hope to use this summer to develop my research, writing, and leadership skills in a way that will better serve both the U.S. Navy and the United States." 

Trevor A. Brass
University of Nebraska - College of Law

 Defense Services Office Southeast
"Like many law students who intern for the U.S. Navy JAG Corps, a career as a JAG officer is my goal after law school. I come from a military family and feel that public service is the most spiritually rewarding way to use my J.D. As I have learned more about how the institution of American law works, I am even more grateful and proud to be an American citizen. The military is one of the last few institutions in American life our people have broad faith and trust in, and I would like to be a part of maintaining that. In an age of relentless cynicism, that is something to hope and fight for. The U.S. Navy has a long and proud history of service to our nation and it would be a privilege to play a small part of that tradition alongside the many men and women who have taken an oath to "... support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic." Finally, if I'm being honest, being a JAG in the U.S. Navy sounds a heck of a lot more fun than many other entry-level legal jobs." 

Margaux Curcuru
Pepperdine University School of Law

Region Legal Service Office Southwest
"I came to law school with the goal of becoming a U.S. Navy JAG Corps officer. Similar to my grandfather, who used his medical degree to serve our country as a physician at Naval Station Great Lakes, I want to utilize my law degree to serve the Navy and our country. I admire the honor, tradition, team-oriented mindset and structure the military offers. This summer, I will gain invaluable insight into the day-to-day work of a Navy JAG Corps officer, and I will be exposed to the Navy's unique legal practices. I am honored and grateful for the opportunity to spend a summer working alongside and learning from the men and women who serve our country with honor, courage and commitment. As a first-year law student, I could not think of better role models to learn from as I build the foundations of my legal career. I look forward to contributing to the U.S. Navy JAG Corp’s mission this summer, and I hope to continue to do so upon graduating from law school." 

Ashlyn Angell
University of Michigan Law School

Region Legal Service Office Naval District Washington
"I'm looking forward to immersing myself in the Navy JAG experience this summer. I applied to law school with the goal of eventually becoming a military attorney, and this summer is my first chance to live the dream. I'm excited to get a more tangible sense of what the work and life of a JAG officer looks like on a day-to-day basis. As a person with broad interests across legal fields, I also hope to experience a cross-section of the many practices that keep the military humming, from military justice to legal assistance. Mostly, I look forward to waking up every day to serve the Navy and the nation to the best of my ability, and to supporting a team of JAG officers dedicated to the same thing." 

Joey Mintz
Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law

Great Lakes, Illinois
"Gain trial experience? Check. Learn from dedicated and experienced mentors? Check. Serve my country? Check. I could continue, but the benefits of serving in the Navy JAG are endless. I am fortunate to be able to assist the Great Lakes office this summer and gain a better understanding of life in the JAG Corps. Ultimately, I hope to earn a full time position so I can serve the public on a grand scale and become a better attorney along the way." 

Hannah Yi
Mitchell Hamline School of Law

Naval Justice School
"My passion to serve in the Navy JAG Corps evolves around service to both my country, and to the men and women in the armed forces. I also believe that the JAG Corps offers experiences unlike any other. It is an environment that strives for excellence and constant growth as a person, a lawyer, and as a solider. I knew when I matriculated into law school that I wanted to pursue the Navy JAG Corps route. Thus this internship will help me gain a better understanding of the military justice system and what it means to be a Judge Advocate. I look forward to what is ahead and I am excited to gain experience this summer!" 

Ashley E. Bergfield
The University of Texas School of Law

Naval Justice School
"To prepare for a career of service, I applied for the Navy JAG Corps summer internship in search of an unrivaled opportunity to gain invaluable practical experience that would expose me to a future in military service and best use my knowledge and skills. The Navy JAG Corps offers a unique professional experience, which requires dual service as an officer and lawyer and is unmatched in diversity of practice — while the JAG Corps requires officers to be well-versed in an array of practice areas, the Corps encourages specialized expertise in an area such as international law. In addition, the JAG Corps promotes the highest standards of character, conduct, and commitment. Accordingly, the Navy JAG Corps’ mission and values are attractive as I hope to have a positive impact in the legal arena that will not only foster significant scholarship, activism, and leadership, but also enable me to continue to actively serve others. After finishing my first year as a law student, the JAG Corps will not only expose me to a future military career, but offer challenging, hands-on learning experiences." 

Terence Grado
Tulane University Law School

Region Legal Service Office Southeast
"Growing up in a post-September 11th world has inspired me to take on a life of public service. Prior to law school, I worked on Capitol Hill and held several political and policy positions.  Then, during my 1L year, I met and spoke with many Navy service men and women, including a seasoned Navy JAG officer and a graduate from my school who was entering the Navy JAG Corps.  Based on these conversations, I realized that I wanted to become a Navy JAG officer as I could marry my desire to be an attorney while also serving my country in uniform.  By interning with the Navy JAG Corps this summer, I hope to gain a better understanding of what a Navy JAG truly does day-to-day.  I am excited to learn and work alongside Navy JAG officers, and I hope that this experience can help prepare me for a successful career in the Navy JAG Corps if I am fortunate enough to earn that opportunity."

Riley Mailman
University of Southern California (USC) Gould School of Law

Commander Naval Surface Force, US Pacific Fleet (SURFPAC)
"I applied to the Navy JAG Corps internship program because of the unique chance to learn from Navy JAG Corps Officers. My hope is that this summer internship will expose me to the various ways Navy JAG Corps Officers practice law and will show me what a career as a Navy JAG Corps Officer is like. I also wanted to experience a work environment that was both challenging and rewarding, and interning with the Navy JAG Corps seemed like the perfect environment. Finally, the various areas of law that the Navy JAG Corps engages in, from legal services to operational law, seem exciting. I am very thankful for the chance to intern with the Navy JAG Corps this summer." 

Ashley Wilson
Florida A&M University, College of Law

United States Naval Academy
"I hope to join the Navy JAG Corps after law school. I was apart of Navy JROTC in high school and gained an appreciation for the Navy. If given the opportunity, becoming a member of the JAG Corps would combined both my passion for law and my interest in the Navy. I cannot think of a better career which would allow me to give back to my country and the ROTC program, which has benefited me so much. I hope to get some better insight on this unique career and be an asset during my internship." 

Ben Millard
Syracuse University College of Law

Naval Station Newport
"I applied to the Navy JAG Summer Internship because my goal is to enter Navy JAG after law school, and I wanted to do something different from my peers working in a firm this summer. The opportunity to work for Navy JAG is a great way to further understand what JAG officers do on a daily basis, and provides a perfect vehicle to incorporate the knowledge gained from law school and apply it in a way that has a meaningful impact. Additionally, the summer internship will allow me to learn from experienced JAG attorneys who will provide a valuable insight into what it is like to be a Navy JAG." 

Tyler Trudell
Mitchell Hamline School of Law

Region Legal Service Office Northwest
"I applied for this internship to experience what life would be like as a Navy JAG, while working in a challenging environment. I believe that this internship will really help me weigh if the Navy JAG Corps is the right path for me. I have been considering the Navy JAG Corps for quite some time, and I chose this internship to get as close to the real thing as I could. I respect the work that Navy JAGs do as officers and legal specialists, and I am attracted to that dual capacity. I am looking forward to working within the trial element, as well as the command element of RLSO, Northwest. I hope to get exposure to many different areas of law in these two elements of my assigned command, while honing personal traits such as adaptability, time-management, and sense of mission. Finally, I hope to see my service-based work this summer better the Navy and its members as a whole." 

Nathaniel A. Bosiak
Syracuse University College of Law

Region Legal Service Office Southeast
"I chose to apply to the Navy JAG Corps internship program because I view the program as not only an invaluable legal learning experience, but as an instrumental step in achieving my goal of returning to Active Duty service in the Navy as a JAG Corps officer. While service to one’s country is one of the most important callings an individual can answer, I think it is equally important to assist the Sailors who serve by helping them navigate complex military and civilian legal systems, which is what I would like to do as a potential JAG Corps officer. Having previously served in the Navy as a Surface Warfare Officer, including one tour as an Officer in Charge, I saw first-hand, the invaluable role that JAG Corps officers play in assisting Sailors to those ends by providing legal assistance that aided the Sailors’ professional careers and in certain instances, their lives outside of the Navy. My primary goal this summer is to learn as much as possible from the team at RLSO SE, gain invaluable insight into the JAG Corps mission, and finally, learning how the JAG Corps mission furthers other mission areas throughout the Navy. I am thankful for the opportunity to learn as much as I can this summer from everyone at RLSO SE and can’t wait to get started!" 

Rachel Petrik
Antonin Scalia Law School at George Mason University

Office of the Judge Advocate General - Navy-Marine Corps Court of Criminal Appeals
"I applied for the Navy JAG Corps intern program because I will never relinquish my goal of becoming a Naval JAG officer. This career path combines my passion for travel, cultural diversity, and litigation. Yet most importantly, JAG ensures my legal career will be impactful, as I support this nation, our sailors, and their families. Just as our sailors fight for liberty and justice on a global stage, I want to fight for their own rights and justice in the legal arena. To me, representing freedom fighters is the highest calling of the law as an attorney, and a calling I would be honored to answer." 

Girija Hathaway
The University of Texas School of Law

Region Legal Service Office Southeast
"I took the LSAT with an eye on joining the JAG Corps. Growing up, I was known to don my grandfather’s USS Gabilan hat and ask for stories about his time at sea and what it meant to be a skipper. Before law school, I served as an AmeriCorps member and spent time with a large law firm in Washington, D.C. I aspire to do legal work as part of a team that contributes to a broader mission. And I believe that the U.S. Navy JAG Corps has actively fostered the kind of community that I want to work in: one that embraces diverse experiences, demands best efforts, prioritizes team goals, and is committed to service. The elevator pitches as to why law and why JAG, for me, are one in the same —the pursuit of excellence, a practice of fellowship, and a life of service. It is an honor to be supporting the men and women who serve our country this summer, and I am thrilled to have the daily opportunity to learn from experienced advocates. I cannot wait to start getting things done!" 

Elizabeth Rigg
University of Baltimore School of Law

Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI)
"I applied for the Navy JAG Corps summer internship program because upon completion of law school I hope to return to active duty as a JAG Officer. I look forward to gaining on-the-job experience and doing my best to contribute to the mission of my assigned command.  I find the most appealing aspect of the Navy JAG to be the way the Corps provides legal aid in many different areas of law in a wide variety of locations around the globe.  I admire the way that members of the JAG Corps come together as a team to solve legal issues focused on meeting mission essential objectives.  I aspire to serve as an advocate in the Navy, alongside like-minded individuals, working to reach sound legal solutions as “One Team, [pursuing] One fight!” 

Conrad C. Witte
University of Miami School of Law

Office of the Judge Advocate General's Corps - Admiralty & Maritime Law (Code 11)
"I applied for the Navy JAG Corps intern program because I have always wanted to serve my country. After graduation from law school, I will apply to become a Navy JAG officer and advance the cause of not only our country but of the justice system of the United States. JAG officers are soldiers and sailors but also attorneys and through this intern program, I hope to acquire not only a greater understanding of the role and duties of a JAG officer but also to further my understanding of the law. My goal for this summer is to increase my knowledge of the law and to better prepare myself to become a JAG officer after graduation. Military service in my family predates the Revolution and it is my turn to continue this proud tradition of service. I am incredibly honored and excited to participate in the 2017 Navy JAG intern program."

Sam Greco
The George Washington University Law School

Office of the Judge Advocate General - Cyber, Information Operations, and Intelligence Law (Code 18)
"I sought an internship with Navy JAG because I am strongly considering pursuing a career with the organization after law school. I have always been interested in the Navy and want a career that allows me to serve both my country and the men and women who do the same. As a law student with an educational and professional background in international politics and national security, there could be no more exciting an opportunity than Navy JAG. I am thrilled to learn more firsthand about the important role filled by Navy JAG officers."

Hannah Sherman
William & Mary Law School

Office of the Judge Advocate General - Navy-Marine Corps Court of Criminal Appeals
"I applied for the Navy JAG Corps internship program because it allows me to explore my two passions; public service and the law. The JAG Corps is unique because it gives judge advocates the opportunity to practice in various areas of the law, while serving their country. As a summer intern, I hope to learn more about the varied practice areas judge advocates specialize in as well as the day-to-day operations of the military court system. I am incredibly honored to serve as a Navy JAG intern and hope to one day have the privilege of serving my country as a member of the JAG Corps."
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