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News | Jan. 26, 2018

Meet Kristen Childers RLSO SW Administrative Officer

By Navy JAG Corps Public Affairs

“If you’re going to do something, give it your full effort or don’t do it at all.” 

A lesson Kristen Childers learned early on and that has stuck with her, in everything she does. Childers credits her mother with instilling in her the value of a good work ethic, punctuality, and accountability. Kristen Childers has been an administrative officer for Region Legal Service Office Southwest (RLSO SW) since 2015. She started her Navy career in January 2006, as a GS-03 administrative assistant for the Engineering Department for Naval Air Depot North Island. She then moved on to the Production Trades Division Competency of Fleet Readiness Center Southwest as an administrative officer supporting the division director, branch managers, and supervisors.

"I was looking for upward mobility from the position I was in, and saw an opening at RLSO SW," said Childers. "I was very excited because when I was little I had wanted to be a lawyer, I loved watching Matlock and To Kill A Mockingbird was one of my favorite movies. As I got older I changed my mind about being a lawyer, but was still excited to be around a legal command.  I enjoy the people I work with and I really like paperwork and organization, so this position is a perfect fit," said Childers.

As the department head for the Administrative Department, she supervises two civilian employees and five limited duty Sailors. She is responsible for prioritizing, developing, and managing the Administrative workload. She works closely with the Performance Management Division (Code 66) and the Chief of Naval Operations Human Resources Office (CNO HRO) to update civilian position descriptions, submit personnel actions such as billet changes and recruitments, performance management, payroll, and awards. Childers advises the commanding officer and executive officer on staffing solutions and hiring needs.  She also reviews all Command Fitness Reports (FITREPS) and Evaluations, and is the command leave administrator for the Navy Standard Integrated Personnel System as well as the authorizing official for all JAG Consolidated Administrative Business (JCAB) Office supply requests.

"Prior to coming to RLSO SW, I had always worked with all civilians," said Childers.  "The high rate of turn over at RLSO SW has been surprising.  However, even with all of the turn over, I am always impressed with how quickly people get up to speed and things keep running smoothly."

Over the last couple of years Childers has had the privilege to work with many talented officers, Sailors, and civilians.

"The limited duty personnel come here and are working out of rate but they all continue to apply themselves 100%, no matter which department they are put in," said Childers. "I have also been fortunate to see some great litigators in the courtroom, like Lt. Christine Hagedorn. Capt. Joseph Eldred was the first commanding officer I ever worked for, he is a great leader and taught me so much about being a hands-on involved leader. Cmdr. Dustin Wallace was a wealth of knowledge and he taught me so much about FITREPS and editing."
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