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News | June 15, 2018

2018 Navy JAG Corps Summer Interns

By Navy JAG Corps Public Affairs

The Navy JAG Corps is proud to welcome our 2018 summer interns! The Navy JAG Corps offers internships and externships to law students wishing to gain valuable legal experience, the opportunity for academic credit, and greater insight into life as a Navy judge advocate. Meet some of our summer interns

Sam Gold
University of Pennsylvania Law School

Appellate Government (Code 46)
“I entered law school not quite sure what I wanted to do, although I knew I wanted to apply my legal training meaningfully in a service-oriented vocation - whatever that meant. While I do not possess a military background, the more  I learned about the Navy JAG Corps, the more I saw it dovetail with my desire not only to serve but to immerse myself in a service environment. Moreover, the Internship Program, in particular, offered me the opportunity, which does not arise every day, to work closely with top-flight attorneys doing impactful work. I look forward to working with some of these men and women this summer, and hopefully to contributing as best I can.” 

Taylor Wisneski
University of Kansas School of Law

Region Legal Service Office Southeast
“I applied to the Navy JAG Corps intern program because I didn’t see myself working for a firm in Kansas City all summer. I wanted to experience something different than what my peers were doing. I knew that the Navy would offer something I couldn’t get anywhere else. I grew up in an Army family and the minute I went to law school, my father told me to look into becoming a JAG officer. I’ve always known I wanted to work for the government, but I was never sure where exactly I’d fit in. A summer internship with the Navy JAG Corps seemed like the obvious choice to help narrow my mindset on where I wanted to be.” 

Rachel Leffel
Temple University Beasley School of Law

Trial Counsel Assistance Program
“As both of my grandfathers served and several of my close friends are actively serving in the Navy, I have a personal and vested interest in working for the Navy. Prior to law school, I was a social worker working with people who were incarcerated. One of my clients was a veteran, and through our experience developing a reentry plan together, he shared the significant impact his military service had on his life. This spurred my interest in supporting veterans and active duty personnel, and I believe this JAG internship is an important first step in doing so. Furthermore, this internship will provide an excellent opportunity for me to employ my social work background. Attorneys in the Navy are known for their innovation and fortitude, and their command of a wide range of legal areas inspires me.”

Tao Khuu
Lewis & Clark College Northwestern School of Law

Defense Service Office West
“Being able to serve my country as an active duty United States Marine was the most altruistic and rewarding experience of my life. The military gave me every opportunity to succeed and become a better person. In pursuing a summer internship with the Navy JAG Corps I hope to take one step towards paying it forward to the men and women in uniform, as well as the citizens of this great nation through public service. I want to absorb all the knowledge and experiences related to military justice and the everyday legal operations of the Navy JAG Corps. It is my ultimate goal to become a Navy JAG officer because the professionalism and camaraderie that exists in the Navy is second to none and that is the type of environment I look forward to working in.” 

Seth Roden
Cumberland School of Law Samford University

Region Legal Service Office Southwest
“I have applied to Navy JAG Corps intern program with the ultimate goal of serving as a Navy judge advocate. I truly believe that a life dedicated to the service of others is a life worth living that can be rewarding in countless ways. I proudly served as a Nuclear Operator on USS Jimmy Carter and thoroughly enjoyed being part of a team with the selfless dedication to your shipmates and the Navy. It was always my intention after serving as a submariner to attend law school and I have continued serving the U.S. Navy as a reservist. The invaluable experience obtained during this summer will assist in developing my legal skills to benefit both the U.S. Navy and this country. I am excited and grateful for the opportunity to see firsthand what it means to be a judge advocate.”

Shiena Marie Normand
Loyola University New Orleans College of Law

Region Legal Service Office Southeast
“I applied for the Navy JAG Corps intern program to expand my understanding of the Uniform Code of Military Justice and various Navy regulations. I have always had an interest in public service and this internship has always been my main goal and dream since starting law school. My family inspired me to apply for this intern program since we have a short lineage of Navy service members, with my father serving 22 years and great-grandfather serving during the pre-WWII times of the 1930’s. My hope is to one day continue the military tradition and become the first Navy female officer in my family and this internship helps put me one step closer to my dream career.” 

Sarah Willcockson
University of Tennessee College of Law

Chief of Naval Legal Personnel Office
“I applied to the Navy JAG Corps program because I want to continue a family tradition of serving in the military and pursue a career centered on national defense. Like many JAG Corps externs, I came to law school with the goal of studying military and international law. Public service has been a constant goal of mine and I am excited to use this summer to assist others and continue developing my legal skills in the process.” 

Josiah Rabon
University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law

National Security Law (Code 10)/Cyber, Intelligence, and Information Operations Law (Code 18)
“Before coming to law school, I was enlisted in the Marines and worked in the Reconnaissance community. After a few years of training and deploying, I decided to leave my team and take on new challenges. Today, I have my sights set on earning a commission as a Naval JAG officer and starting a career in legal counsel. I applied for this internship in order to take a significant step toward achieving that goal and hope to get my feet wet through the first-hand experience. I look forward to putting on the new uniform someday and am humbled to be able to learn from some of the military’s best attorneys.” 

Joshua McDowell
Indiana University Maurer School of Law

Criminal Law (Code 20)
“For as long as I can remember, I have had two goals in life: to serve our great nation in the Armed Forces and to ensure the furtherance of justice by practicing as an attorney. As a result, a career in the JAG Corps has long been the path I have desired to pursue. Through my participation in the Intern Program, I intend to gain practical experience which, in turn, will further my development into a well rounded legal professional. The environment and subject matter with which I will be immersed truly offers an opportunity to do so which is unique in the legal field. Further, through the first-hand experience and observation, I hope to gain a better understanding of the JAG Corps. In doing so, it is my desire to discover whether JAG is the correct fit for me as a legal professional, should I be fortunate enough to be accepted into the prestigious position.”

Gina Nuñez
University of Florida College of Law

Region Legal Service Southeast
“I applied to the Navy JAG Summer Internship for the opportunity to gain a unique experience that will benefit me for the rest of my legal career, and because it will bring me closer to my ultimate goal of becoming a Navy JAG. I’ve always envisioned using my law degree to help others who really need it alongside people who I can respect. I can think of no better way to pursue my passion for law and further develop my leadership skills than to serve my country as a Navy JAG.” 

Brittany Mountjoy
 American University Washington College of Law

Region Legal Service Office Naval District Washington
“My undergraduate degrees, Masters program, and first few years of my career before law school were focused on agriculture and international food security. When I started law school, I knew that I wanted to devote my life to public service; but it was not until later that I realized I wanted to be the "boots on the ground" and practice criminal law. The Navy JAG Corps summer internship program provides me with the opportunity to work alongside men and women whom I admire, strengthen my leadership skills, and prepare me for my next steps after law school. I am excited about the opportunity to work with the JAG Corps this summer and hope to have the privilege of serving upon graduation.” 

Jean Marseille
University of Florida Levin College of Law

Defense Service Office Southeast
“As a non-traditional law student, I have had a successful career in the private sector. Despite my success, working in the private sector has been satisfying but not equally as fulfilling. I chose the Navy JAG internship not only because I have a strong desire to serve in the public interest arena, but because of my life-long desire to both be an attorney and serve in the military. This internship will hopefully provide insight into the JAG-life and satisfy my curiosities about pursuing a JAG career.” 

Mary Kathryn King
Florida State University College of Law

Admiralty & Maritime Law (Code 11)
“In my senior year of high school, a retired Navy JAG Corps officer shared his service with my class during Career Week. His presentation left such an impression on me that I remembered it six years later when a JAG Corps officer held an interest meeting at FSU Law. Even though I do not come from a military family, both officers showed me that a Navy JAG Corps career offers everything I have been looking for. I entered law school to become a better leader, a stronger advocate, a more creative problem-solver, and a defender of the rule of law. A Navy JAG Corps career provides unparalleled legal training, a broad spectrum of practice areas, and an opportunity to serve the United States both at home and abroad.  In addition, the Navy JAG Corps inculcates incredible physical training, leadership development, and overall discipline, helping Corps members excel in all areas of life. The Navy JAG Corps is a way of life that transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary, and I applied for the Intern Program because I hope to contribute to the Corps' mission.”

Katherine Lovallo
 Quinnipiac University School of Law

Region Legal Service Office Naval District Washington
“Growing up in a law enforcement family, I knew I wanted to pursue a legal career in public service from a young age. At the University of New Haven, I majored in International Security and Global Studies. In law school, I explored the realm of national security law and fell in love with my work at the U.S. Attorney’s Office. I grew curious as to what other opportunities existed for lawyers interested in national security and simultaneously learned that my own grandfather served in the Navy. My aspirations have come full circle as I am beyond grateful and excited for this opportunity to start my career with the Navy JAG internship program.”

Brittany Adams,
University of Washington Law School

Region Legal Service Office Northwest
“My family has a long and proud history of military service that inspires my decision to pursue a career in the JAG Corps. After graduation, I hope to join Navy JAG and combine a life of service with purpose, leadership, and unique legal opportunities. My prior work with veterans and Judge Advocates has taught me the value of using my strengths to give back to those who sacrifice so much for our country. I am honored to have the opportunity to work with and learn from the men and women of Navy JAG this summer. I look forward to growing as a lawyer and leader during this internship and know it will serve me well as I pursue a military career.”

Kayla Robinson
Villanova University Charles Widger School of Law

Region Legal Service Office Mid-Atlantic
“I applied for the Navy JAG Corps internship program because I wanted the opportunity to learn what it truly means to be a Naval officer and serve not just my clients but my country as well. Law school was always a clear path for me. Where my law degree would lead me was not as clear. That lack of clarity changed just a few weeks into my first semester at Villanova Law when I attended an informational session with a representative of the U.S. Navy JAG Corps. I simply could not contain the passion and excitement I had discovered for the career to which I had just been introduced. From my years behind the plate, as a competitive catcher, I came to understand that being a team leader was about respect, commitment, and character. To earn the respect of those you serve with and those you serve for, you must be committed to shared goals and take the necessary steps to achieve those goals while always maintaining your own, as well as, the team’s character. No small feat but one that in my mind draws me to the higher calling and the ultimate team of the United States Navy JAG Corps.”

Julia Mayer
University of San Francisco School of Law

Admiralty & Maritime Law (Code 11)
“I applied for the summer internship with the Navy JAG because I aspire to serve in the Navy JAG Corps as an officer after graduating law school. I don’t come from a military family or a family of lawyers, but I have been dedicated to service throughout my life, and I have always felt the call to serve a purpose higher than myself. I couldn’t think of a better way to answer that call then by serving my country and those who fight for my country. Not only is JAG an honorable way to serve my country it’s also a great career opportunity and means to utilize and develop my legal skills. JAG attorneys receive legal training and experiences unlike anyone or anywhere else. They are an integral part of our military and our justice system. I look forward to one day having the great honor to wear the uniform and to serve my country as an attorney in the Navy JAG Corp. I hope that through my internship this summer I can provide aid and support to the Command I’m interning with and learn more about what it means to serve in the Navy JAG Corps.” 

Kayla Armstrong
University of Virginia School of Law

Naval Medical Center Portsmouth
“I applied to the Navy JAG Corps internship program because I know that I want to pursue a career in public service.  When I began to consider going to law school, my grandfather told me about a legal problem he encountered while he was serving as a second lieutenant in the U.S. Army.  Unsure of how to handle an issue with his landlord, my grandfather contacted a judge advocate, who quickly took care of the problem. When I heard this story, I realized that this was the type of work I wanted to do on a daily basis -- helping servicemembers with their legal problems so they can focus on the important work they are doing.  My dream is to graduate from law school and become a judge advocate. I feel incredibly grateful that this summer I will have the opportunity to learn from lawyers in the Navy and catch a glimpse of life in the JAG Corps.”

Joshua Trachtenberg
Brooklyn Law School

Region Legal Service Office Southeast
“I have boiled my career objectives at this point in time down to three main goals. I want to do something meaningful and purposeful, to get trial experience, and to have an adventure. Being a member of the Navy JAG Corps has the potential to help me fulfill those goals, and I am hopeful that participating in the internship program will help me achieve them.”     

Juan Carrillo
Fordham University School of Law

National Security Law (Code 10)/Cyber, Intelligence, and Information Operations Law (Code 18)
“In 2013, I enlisted in the U.S. Navy to gain an international perspective, develop maturity through leading others, and act on my commitment to serving my country.  During my four years of overseas active duty service, I deployed alongside brave, tireless, diverse leaders in a high-tempo environment. I still remain a witness to the same spirited service, work ethic, and camaraderie while in the U.S. Navy Reserves.  I believe it is the Navy’s traditions and culture of unsung sacrifice that drives me to support the valuable women and men who defend our country. As a result, I chose to apply for the Navy JAG Corps internship because it will allow me to return to the Navy and serve in a new capacity.  Advising commanding officers and staff in administrative, international, security, and court-martial contexts prompt me to ask: how else could I make a more significant impact on Sailors’ lives? Lastly, to develop the leadership and legal skills JAG officers unwaveringly employ would be a privilege.  Fortunately, this summer I will have the opportunity to work alongside the brilliant and dedicated officers and attorneys that I one day hope to emulate.” 

Joe Moxon
J. Reuben Clark Law School Brigham Young University

Walter Reed National Military Medical Center “I enlisted in the military within a month of turning seventeen and loved my time in service. I left as a human resources sergeant about the same time I started law school, but joining back up was always the plan. I'd love to be a part of the JAG corps after graduating next year.”

Edward Meyers
Boston University School of Law

Navy-Marine Corps Court of Criminal Appeals
“I firmly believe in our duty to give back to this country. This belief sent me to law school with the goal of becoming a JAG officer. This summer I hope to experience what serving as a JAG officer entails. This internship will give me an understanding of the military justice system and the issues affecting our military so that I can tailor my legal education to serve the needs of our men and women in uniform.” 

Elizabeth McAndrew
Vermont Law School

United States Naval Academy
“My desire to serve and join Navy JAG after law school motivated me to apply for the Navy JAG Corps intern program. I have a deep sense of pride for our country and always felt a duty to serve. My desire to serve stems from growing up in a strong military family and the exposure to service through these role models. I was able to learn more about the military through their experiences and always cherished the memories they shared with me. I am excited to have the opportunity to experience the daily responsibilities of an officer in Navy JAG and I hope this experience will allow me to better understand the commitment and sacrifice of serving. I am honored to take on this role as a Navy JAG intern and experience what being a Navy JAG truly means.”

Jacob Hoeferkampng
Michigan State University College of Law

Naval Justice School
“I am excited to intern with the Navy JAG Corps this summer. On a broad level, I hope to gain an in-depth understanding of what it means to be a lawyer while serving as an officer in the Navy through hands-on experience and observation of JAG officers. On a more day to day level,  I hope to gain an introduction to military law and gain an appreciation for how the Navy's JAG Corps works in practice, including military justice and sailor assistance.” 

Thomas De Maio, The Ave Maria School of Law Region Legal Service Office Southeast “Since my sophomore year of high school, I have wanted to join the JAG Corps because of the incredible opportunity it offers to serve our country and represent our brave men and women in uniform as well as their families. I applied for the Navy JAG Corps Internship Program because it presented the unique chance to gain on-the-job experience and insight into the daily tasks that an officer in the JAG Corps may encounter. While doing humanitarian work in Southeast Asia, I had the opportunity to meet a human trafficking victim that had been brought into the U.S. and was rescued due to the courageous acts of an officer. Having heard this woman’s incredible story, and the courageous acts of the officer, my passion to join the Navy was solidified. Having personally met and worked with members of the JAG Corps, I have always had an appreciation for the skills, values, and leadership that each of them exudes. Being accepted into the Navy JAG Corps Internship Program after completing my first year of law school has been an incredible honor and I look forward to learning from the exceptional leaders at the Naval Air Station in Fort Worth.” 

Christopher Snowden, Catholic University of America Columbus School of Law Commander, Navy Installations Command “I applied to the Navy JAG Corps intern program because I see nothing more honorable than to give my time and effort to serve those who serve our country. This internship offers law students the unparalleled opportunity to both aid our country's servicemen and servicewomen, and learn from a team of excellent lawyers. I want to employ the skills I have acquired in law school, as well as those from my other experiences, to aid the JAG Corps in its duties. In the process, I hope to learn from those who form this distinguished group and to be affirmed in my desire to become a Navy JAG.” 

Corbin Jankowski, George Washington University Law School Region Legal Service Office Southwest “I sought the internship because of The Navy JAG Corps dedication to service in a complex legal system. I am strongly considering applying to the Navy JAG Corps and wanted to experience the field first-hand. The summer internship presents an opportunity to both support my aspiration as well as provide experience in a distinct and varied practice area.”  

Pilar Brito, Yale Law School United States Naval Forces Central Command “Growing up as a Navy brat, I've always felt a strong commitment to public service and to the military in particular. I appreciated from a young age everything that the military has to offer: the opportunity to work toward a common, broader goal with like-minded people from diverse backgrounds, the privilege to be immersed in military life and operations, and the ability to work around the world. No other career allows me to immerse myself as completely in public service and to obtain as broad an exposure to legal practice as the JAG Corps. I look forward to exploring the Navy JAG Corps this summer as a potential future career, and to beginning my dedication in public service early on.” 

Annalise Strange, Florida Coastal School of Law Administrative Law (Code 13) “I applied to the JAG Corps Summer Internship program because I am very interested in pursuing a career with the JAG Corps. Receiving the opportunity to take part in this internship is a dream come true. As a military spouse, I have seen first-hand how the Navy teaches honor, discipline, and excellence. I hope that this internship will help me to strengthen these areas in my own life. I also hope to strengthen my writing skills and to learn as much as I can, both legal and non-legal. I know this internship will make me a better student and eventually, a better lawyer. I am grateful for the opportunity to work beside naval officers and hope to be able to contribute during my time in Washington DC.” 

Alexander Behzade, University of San Diego School of Law Naval Medical Center San Diego “My goal in joining law school was to give back to my country after America had given so much to me. As the scion of a family with a proud tradition of service, the fragile nature of the freedoms that America and the Constitution grant all US citizens is never far from my mind. Pursuing a career as a lawyer in the public sector - especially with the US Navy - is an honor that I am humbled to be allowed to be a part of. To help and assist those that would give their lives to defend our freedoms. These men and women are of the best our society has to offer and to be able to be of service to them is no greater use for the talents that law school has given me.” 

Amber H. Baker, Atlanta's John Marshall Law School Navy-Marine Corps Court of Criminal Appeals “As I begin to transition into a new career, I want to create opportunities that will allow me to apply the legal theories that I am learning to real-world application. As a teacher, I learned the importance of my students receiving feedback directly from me in order for them to acquire new concepts. In building on this analogy, I understand that becoming an effective lawyer requires coaching, constructive criticism, and the courage to receive that feedback in order to do better. For me, this program will be a school with no walls, which will provide me with boundless opportunities. I applied to the Navy JAG Corps intern program because I strongly believe that this program will be the best forum for me to attain coaching, constructive criticism, and the courage to trust the feedback that is given.” 

Alexia Cain, Villanova University Charles Widger School of Law United States Naval Academy “During my undergraduate studies, I fell in love with studying law and ethics and decided to pursue a legal career with the hope of using my degree for public service. I applied to the summer externship after my first semester of law school to gain insight into what a career with the Navy JAGC would be like and to gain knowledge of the military justice system. My hope is that this externship with further my aspirations of becoming a JAG Corps officer and I am very excited to be working with the esteemed men and women who are serving our country!” 

Adam Weiss, Duquesne University School of Law Commander, Navy Installations Command “This summer I hope to get a better understanding of how the JAG Corps operates and to see what will be expected of me if I am eventually selected for service. I hope this opportunity helps me to grow as both a lawyer by acquiring skills that are necessary for my chosen profession and as a person by dealing with what I'm sure will be a challenging, but exciting, summer. I'm excited to get to do some real legal work under an extremely experienced legal team and see the real world effects of working with the JAG Corps. I'm also very excited to spend some time down in D.C. and take in all the sights and history of the capital. I really hope this opportunity helps me to one day have the honor of serving my country and community as a member of the JAG Corps.” 

Yasaman Afzal, Lewis and Clark Law School Navy Medical Center San Diego “Serving the country has always been my dream. As a law student, I wanted to get into learning about the JAG as soon as possible. This prestigious internship opportunity will provide me with an inside look into working as a JAG officer, as well as teach me a variety of skills in different practice areas and improve my legal research. Additionally, the privileges already so high as a lawyer, but to also be a service person adds an even higher honor to the work of an attorney. I was also attracted to the Navy JAG program because it requires having discipline in multiple avenues of life, in terms of physical discipline as well as mental discipline. This training and work experience will hopefully be humbling, challenging, and an overall good learning opportunity.”

Peter Fricano, University of Notre Dame School of Law Region Legal Service Office Midwest  "I applied to the Navy JAG Corps program because I hope to one day serve my country as a Navy JAG officer. The opportunity to learn from and observe Navy JAG officers in their daily lives as attorneys, professionals, and service-members is something I am excited to take a part in and will most certainly be a very beneficial and educational experience for me. My understanding is that the internship will allow me to see what life in the Navy is like, and regardless of whether I am eventually accepted into the program, I am honored to learn from such great and talented men and women who have an eye towards service rather than many of the other things attorneys pursue."

Jennifer E. O’Connor, Vermont Law School Region Legal Service Office Southwest “Growing up, I have always thought of one day serving the country that has given me all the freedoms and protection to carry out my dreams. This undoubtedly stems from my grandfather’s dedication to his community and country. Law school has given me the opportunity to give back to my country in such a capacity. My grandfather was a legal officer for the U.S. Navy, stationed in Algeria, North Africa during World War II. He practiced martial law, enforced the Navy Code of Conduct, and received an honorary medal from the French, the “Cross of War,” for his outstanding service during his assignment. My grandfather continuously stressed the importance of education and community service. He believed that anyone could pursue a higher education if they put their mind to it. In addition, he made service a priority and ignited a passion for helping others in his grandchildren. His legacy has been the backbone for my goals throughout my life.”

Jordan Steele, Brooklyn Law School Region Legal Service Office Southwest “I applied to the Navy JAG Corps Intern Program because I want to clearly ascertain the career of a JAG career. Prior to entering law school, I had a decision to make between a career in law or a career in the military. In making that decision, I learned that the JAG Program is the foremost intersection between these two paths. This led me to choose law school, with a career path as a JAG heavy on my mind. It is my hope that not only will I take the first steps to becoming a JAG, but that I will gain valuable experience not available in other areas of law. During my time with the Navy, I believe I will gain substantive experience in a wide variety of legal fields, from administrative law to criminal justice. I believe I will be challenged, and I am excited to rise to the task.” 

Bridget Marie Briody, DePaul University College of Law Region Legal Service Office Mid-Atlantic “I applied to be an intern for the Navy JAG Corps because I know that I want a career in public service. When I started law school I was not exactly sure what type of law I wanted to practice or what job I could see myself doing but the more that I learned about Navy JAG, the more I felt that this was an experience that I needed to explore. I am excited to get hands-on legal experience this summer in Norfolk, Va., and see all that goes into being a Navy JAG. I am looking forward to learning as much as I can through this experience and it is such an honor to be able to spend an entire summer working with the men and women of the Navy.”

Gregory Bashford, Northern Kentucky University Salmon P. Chase College of Law U.S. Navy Bureau of Medicine and Surgery "After competing for one semester on Bellarmine University’s mock trial team as a college freshman, I knew that I wanted to be a trial lawyer. I learned that JAG Corps places lawyers inside a courtroom immediately, and helps them develop outstanding litigation skills. Travelling also has always been a favorite hobby of mine. Navy JAG provides the opportunity to practice law at exciting locations all over the world, while also serving one’s country and those who protect it. Since what I learned about Navy JAG Corps fulfills both of my interests, joining the Corps has been a dream of mine for years. I applied for the U.S. Navy JAG Corps intern program to see if this is the career path I wish to pursue for the rest of my life."
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