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News | April 16, 2019

Professional Development at Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay

By Lt. Arun Inbavazhvu, Region Legal Service Office Southeast

Region Legal Service Office Southeast first tour judge advocates from Jacksonville, Mayport, and Pensacola traveled to Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay to participate in "Kings Bay Day," an annual effort to promote professional development and familiarity with the fleet within the JAG Corps.

The day started at 0730 with command PT at the Kings Bay Fitness Center, followed by a visit to Site 6 on the lower base waterfront to tour U.S. Coast Guard capabilities and receive a brief on escalation of force protocols. Next came a guided tour of the USS Rhode Island (SSBN-740), which included short briefs on boat navigation and daily life underway. Following lunch at Pirate's Cove Galley was a quick visit to the USS George Bancroft (SSBN-643) sail on display outside the Franklin gate. In the early afternoon came a mission brief from the Kings Bay Public Affairs Office explaining the history of the submarine base and the surrounding Camden County, Ga., community. The day ended with a visit to the Kings Bay firing range for a training brief on the Beretta M9 pistol before firing on the range, where every sailor shooting successfully qualified.

Massachusetts native, Lt. j.g. William Burke was one of the participants. "Being a new attorney in the JAG Corps, I really just appreciate every opportunity to soak up as much knowledge about the fleet as I can," he said. "Learning about the capabilities of all the Navy communities, and especially the submarine force, definitely enhances our ability as lawyers to serve our clients in the best way possible. I would like to thank all the staff at the submarine base command and Public Affairs Office for organizing a truly fulfilling day."

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