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News | Aug. 16, 2013

Enlisted Reserve Law Program Award Winners

By Navy JAG Corps Public Affairs

RADM Hugh H. Howell, Jr. Award of Excellence - Legalman 2nd Class Rose Terry, Navy Reserve Operational Support Unit 0659 and cross-assigned to NR Region Legal Service Office Mid-Atlantic and Legalman 2nd Class Jose Torres, NR International Law (OJAG Code 10). Terry filled the dual-roles of career counselor, counseling for 67 sailors in multiple rates; and training petty officer supervising a team of eight to ensure all members are mobilization ready. Terry served as recorder for RLSO MIDLANT supporting seven Administrative Separation (ADSEP) Boards. She also provided legal assistance to 86 service members and dependents during annual training.Torres fulfilled three roles with his drilling unit: as berthing coordinator, he managed 24 flex-drilling officers needing variable accommodations; as assistant career counselor, he initiated Career Development Boards for three enlisted members; and as training petty officer, he instructed 14 general military training topics. Last year he filled an ATAP assignment at RLSO Midwest and assisted with multiple Captain's Masts and ADSEP boards.

Reserve Legalman of the Year - Legalman 1st Class Annessa Clark, NR RLSO Midwest.  While on active duty for special work, Clark distinguished herself as the independent duty legalman assigned to the Informal Physical Evaluation Board (IPEB) at Pensacola Naval Hospital. As the only legalman assigned to the IPEB, she provided support to 17 attorneys in Florida and Washington, D.C. In this role, she facilitated over 200 disability cases and personally managed a caseload of over 80 clients with pending benefits of over $40 million.

MCPO Delbert Black Leadership Award - Chief Legalman Jeremy Lloyd, NR RLSO EURAFSWA. As a result of his leadership, 100% of the enlisted EURAFSWA members, and over 80% of all regional reserve legalmen, provided active duty gaining command support this year. He also performed two AT missions at RLSO EURAFSWA's Rota and Sigonella Detachments where he provided UCMJ, ADSEP Board and Courts-martial training to 24 active duty EURAFSWA members.
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