Court Filings & Records
This section provides public access to filings and records pertaining to Navy and Marine Corps courts-martial referred on or after December 23, 2020, in accordance with 10 U.S.C. § 940a (Article 140a, Uniform Code of Military Justice). The documents released have been selected and redacted in accordance with the standards and criteria published in 140a, Uniform Code of Military Justice, JAG Instruction 5813.2 - Public Access to Court-Martial Dockets, Filings, and Records Pursuant to Article 140a, UCMJ and the Privacy Act. Filings and court records at the trial court level will be published as soon as practicable after the certification of the record of trial.
Filings - motions, notices, petitions, and requests submitted to a trial court or a Court of Criminal Appeals.
Records - charge sheet, convening order(s), court rulings, Statement of Trial Results, Convening Authority's Action, Entry of Judgment, and appellate court orders and opinions. Court records do not include the Article 32 Preliminary Hearing Report, a recording of any court session, or any transcript of the proceedings.
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Docket #NameCharge(s)TypeServiceTrial Location
202100140Adams, R.92;112aSpecialUSNCamp Pendleton (Western Circuit)
202100261Ali, Y.120c;134GeneralUSNBremerton (Northwest Circuit)
20210024(s)Allen, S.128GeneralUSNSan Diego (Southwest Circuit)
202100114Alvarez, S.80;134GeneralUSNCharleston (Southern Circuit)
202100267Andarabracamonte, M.112aSpecialUSMCPensacola (Southern Circuit)
202100112Anders, L.81;112a;131bGeneralUSNNorfolk (Central Circuit)
202100204Andree, C.134GeneralUSMCCamp Lejeune (Eastern Circuit)
202100179Aquino, J.92;120SpecialUSMCCamp Lejeune (Eastern Circuit)
202100199Ascencio, N.112aGeneralUSMCBremerton (Northwest Circuit)
202100196Ash, J.81;112a;131bSpecialUSNNorfolk (Central Circuit)
202100234Bailey, B.134GeneralUSMCCamp Lejeune (Eastern Circuit)
202100191Banfield, J.81;107;112a;131bSpecialUSNWashington Navy Yard (Northern Circuit)
202100202Barron, T.90;128;134GeneralUSNMayport (Southern Circuit)
202100177Batista, R.80;92;112a;134GeneralUSMCCamp Lejeune (Eastern Circuit)
202100137Bell, E.80;115;125;128;134GeneralUSMCCamp Pendleton (Western Circuit)
202100057Beltz, D.80;121GeneralUSMCTwentynine Palms (Western Circuit)
20210047(s)Bentley, M.121SpecialUSNNorfolk (Central Circuit)
202100126Bontekoe, J.80;115;128GeneralUSNJacksonville (Southern Circuit)
202100144Borja, E.120cSpecialUSNSan Diego (Southwest Circuit)
202100062Bowin, D.92;120bGeneralUSNTwentynine Palms (Western Circuit)
202100242Braithwaite, M.120b;134GeneralUSMCOkinawa (WESTPAC Circuit)
202100093Briggs, C.80;92;107;123;131b;134GeneralUSNNorfolk (Central Circuit)
202100058Brown, A.82;92;112a;131bSpecialUSMCParris Island (Southern Circuit)
202100042Brown, M.80;128GeneralUSNGroton (Northern Circuit)
202100128Brown, R.127SpecialUSNWashington Navy Yard (Northern Circuit)
202100032Buenerkemper, T.81;112aGeneralUSMCCamp Pendleton (Western Circuit)
202100151Butler Jr W.134GeneralUSMCCamp Lejeune (Eastern Circuit)
202100104Cabrera, J.92;107;128;134SpecialUSMCCamp Lejeune (Eastern Circuit)
20210006(s)Caldwell, M.121;121aSpecialUSNSan Diego (Southwest Circuit)
202100066Cameron, N.115;128;128b;130;134SpecialUSMCKaneohe Bay (Hawaii Circuit)
202100228Carter, D.121;121aSpecialUSNNorfolk (Central Circuit)
202100229Castanedamanzo, L.90;92;107;120;128;131bGeneralUSMCCamp Lejeune (Eastern Circuit)
202100017Chamblee, Q.81;128SpecialUSMCCamp Lejeune (Eastern Circuit)
202100088Champion_Flores, M.92;120;134GeneralUSMCKaneohe Bay (Hawaii Circuit)
202100051Chatham, B.81;112aSpecialUSMCCamp Pendleton (Western Circuit)
202100170Chruma, A.80;112aSpecialUSNSan Diego (Southwest Circuit)
202100160Cofield, K.85;112a;113SpecialUSNNorfolk (Central Circuit)
202100138Colorado, D.121;129SpecialUSMCCamp Pendleton (Western Circuit)
202100113Cooper, T.121;121aSpecialUSMCCamp Pendleton (Western Circuit)
20210010(s)Cope, G.134GeneralUSNMayport (Southern Circuit)
202100174Corps, R.81;112aGeneralUSMCCamp Pendleton (Western Circuit)
202100116Crabb, T.80;91;121;128GeneralUSMCCamp Lejeune (Eastern Circuit)
202100139Davis, R.120;128GeneralUSMCSan Diego (Southwest Circuit)
202100150Dedolph, T.81;92;118;119;129;134GeneralUSNNorfolk (Central Circuit)
202100080Delafuente, J.120;134GeneralUSMCQuantico (Northern Circuit)
202100067Denney. J.112a;113;134GeneralUSNWashington Navy Yard (Northern Circuit)
20210015(s)Doan, J.90SpecialUSNGreat Lakes (Northern Circuit)
202100013Dorsey, E.81;104a;107;112aGeneralUSMCCamp Pendleton (Western Circuit)
20210009(s)Doyle, J.128GeneralUSMCBremerton (Northwest Circuit)
202100216Ducut, J.134GeneralUSMCCamp Lejeune (Eastern Circuit)
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