This section provides public access to docket information pertaining to Navy and Marine Corps courts-martial referred on or after December 23, 2020, in accordance with 10 U.S.C. § 940a (Article 140a, Uniform Code of Military Justice). The court schedule is updated every Monday by noon and is subject to change without notice. Disclosure of information does not support or permit any inference adverse to any accused; all accused are presumed to be innocent. For inquiries regarding any particular court-martial, please contact the local Public Affairs Office. 
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Start/EndNameRankChargesForumHearing TypeHearing LocationJudgeTrial CounselDefense CounselPublic Affairs
08/08 - 08/17Aguilar, J.Sgt/E-5107; 128; 134GCMTrial/MQuantico (Northern Circuit)ZimmermanMilonRushMarine Corps Base Quantico
08/21 - 08/26Aguilar, J.Sgt/E-5107; 128; 134GCMTrial/MQuantico (Northern Circuit)ButlerMilonRushNaval District Washington
08/19 - 08/19Arnett, C.LCpl/E-387; 92SPCM39a MotYokosuka (WESTPAC Circuit)RobertsonFremmingMcGeeMarine Corps Installations Pacific
08/23 - 08/24Arnett, C.LCpl/E-387; 92SPCMTrial/JAYokosuka (WESTPAC Circuit)RobertsonFremmingEcholsMarine Corps Installations Pacific
08/31 - 08/31Barlow, S.PO1/E-6128SPCM39a MotMayport (Southern Circuit)KellyMaitlenLuncheonNavy Region Southeast
08/31 - 08/31Barry, C.PFC/E-292; 95a; 113SPCM39a MotQuantico (Northern Circuit)ButlerAmicoDawsonMarine Corps Base Quantico
08/18 - 08/18Bell, R.PO1/E-692; 132SPCM39a ArrSan Diego (Southwest Circuit)LockhartJensennBarbourNavy Region Southwest
08/16 - 08/16Booker, A.MSgt/E-8120; 128; 134GCM39a MotOkinawa (WESTPAC Circuit)KingKrzemienRogersMarine Corps Installations Pacific
08/08 - 08/12Brentlinger, K.PO2/E-5128GCMTrial/MSan Diego (Southwest Circuit)LockhartNyaradiKralNavy Region Southwest
08/11 - 08/11Cano, A.SN/E-3117SPCMRESERVEDSan Diego (Southwest Circuit)BrownNyaradiLinkNavy Region Southwest
08/31 - 09/01Chisolm, J.LCpl/E-390; 107; 113; 119b; 125; 128GCMTrial/JACamp Pendleton (Western Circuit)PoteetBuckholtzDonnellyMarine Corps Base Camp Pendleton
09/09 - 09/09Clawson, K.PO1/E-693; 107SPCM39a MotBremerton (Northwest Circuit)HendersonAagardHendelNavy Region Northwest
08/29 - 08/29Coward, M.PO3/E-4128GCM39a MotSan Diego (Southwest Circuit)LockhartBurksLansdownNavy Region Southwest
08/23 - 09/01Cunningham, A.Sgt/E-5120b; 134GCMTrial/JACamp Lejeune (Eastern Circuit)WoodardRowlandRileyMarine Corps Base Camp Lejeune
08/30 - 08/30Dizona, T.Sgt/E-592; 120; 129; 134GCM39a MotCamp Pendleton (Western Circuit)GoodeCarterStovallMarine Corps Base Camp Pendleton
09/11 - 09/12Eckhoff, K.Pvt/E-192; 120GCM39a MotCamp Lejeune (Eastern Circuit)WoodardDemmerPriceNaval District Washington
08/15 - 08/15Evans, T.Capt/O-3128aGCM39a MotPearl Harbor (Hawaii Circuit)MannHarrisAdcockMarine Corps Installations Pacific
09/09 - 09/09Fairchild, C.LCpl/E-3134GCM39a MotCamp Pendleton (Western Circuit)GoodeCarterDonnellyMarine Corps Base Camp Pendleton
08/31 - 08/31Fox, J.PO2/E-5121; 134SPCM39a MotNorfolk (Central Circuit)CoxHainesMulhernNavy Region Mid-Atlantic
08/19 - 08/19Freeman, T.PO3/E-4115; 120; 128GCM39a ArrSan Diego (Southwest Circuit)LockhartNyaradiLansdownNavy Region Southwest
08/29 - 08/29Gargano, S.CPO/E-786; 112a; 121SPCM39a ArrJacksonville (Southern Circuit)TrestPortzerGrecoNavy Region Southeast
08/30 - 08/30Gargano, S.CPO/E-786; 112a; 121SPCMTrial/JAJacksonville (Southern Circuit)TrestPortzerGrecoNavy Region Southeast
09/05 - 09/09Gilmore, G.LCpl/E-386; 91; 107SPCMTrial/JACamp Lejeune (Eastern Circuit)WoodardScanlonMartinMarine Corps Base Camp Lejeune
08/29 - 08/29Gottsch, N.MCPO/E-992; 120SPCM39a MotMayport (Southern Circuit)KellyHowlandLuncheonNavy Region Southeast
09/11 - 09/15Gottsch, N.MCPO/E-992; 120SPCMTrial/MMayport (Southern Circuit)KellyHowlandLuncheonNavy Region Southeast
09/08 - 09/08Hauck, T.GySgt/E-792; 120; 128; 129; 131b; 134SPCM39a MotQuantico (Northern Circuit)StephensMilonKouzemaMarine Corps Base Quantico
09/13 - 09/16Hauck, T.GySgt/E-792; 120; 128; 129; 131b; 134SPCMTrial/MQuantico (Northern Circuit)StephensMilonKouzemaMarine Corps Base Quantico
09/02 - 09/02Jackson, A.PO1/E-6112aNon-BCD SPCM39a MotJacksonville (Southern Circuit)KellyTurnerKorodyNavy Region Southeast
08/14 - 08/19Jallow, A.LCpl/E-3120GCMTrial/JACamp Lejeune (Eastern Circuit)WoodardWoodRileyMarine Corps Base Camp Lejeune
08/23 - 08/23Jones, T.SN/E-380; 120; 128; 130SPCM39a ArrSan Diego (Southwest Circuit)LockhartMorganBiggsNavy Region Southwest
09/01 - 09/01Kittinger, C.CPO/E-792; 120; 134SPCMTrial/JABremerton (Northwest Circuit)HendersonKinkadeHendelNavy Region Northwest
08/18 - 08/18Ledesma, B.SN/E-381; 112a; 131b; 134GCM39a MotGreat Lakes (Northern Circuit)StephensDaneheyBrooksNavy Region Mid-Atlantic
08/19 - 08/19Lumpkin Jr., J.LCpl/E-3120b; 134GCM39a MotOkinawa (WESTPAC Circuit)KingFremmingWilsonMarine Corps Installations Pacific
08/31 - 08/31Marshall, C.SN/E-392; 131b; 134GCM39a MotYokosuka (WESTPAC Circuit)RobertsonEscobarBurgos-SolisCommander Fleet Activities Yokosuka
08/11 - 08/11Mathis, A.SN/E-380; 112aSPCM39a MotYokosuka (WESTPAC Circuit)RobertsonEscobarBurgos-SolisCommander Fleet Activities Yokosuka
08/17 - 08/18Mays, R.SA/E-2110; 126GCM39a MotSan Diego (Southwest Circuit)StormerJonesWilliamsNavy Region Southwest
08/18 - 08/18Mckay, K.SN/E-3120b; 134GCMTrial/JAYokosuka (WESTPAC Circuit)RobertsonEscobarLT SerfessCommander Fleet Activities Yokosuka
09/01 - 09/01McKee, S.PO3/E-4120; 120bGCM39a MotMayport (Southern Circuit)TrestHowlandCummingsNavy Region Southeast
08/19 - 08/19Melancon, D.PO3/E-4120cSPCM39a MotSan Diego (Southwest Circuit)LockhartMorganLansdownNavy Region Southwest
08/11 - 08/11Mielke, D.PO1/E-6120bGCM39a ArrNorfolk (Central Circuit)OstromCappsBurgos-SolisNavy Region Mid-Atlantic
08/30 - 08/30Mozqueda, E.PO3/E-4120GCM39a MotBremerton (Northwest Circuit)HendersonMintzCaouetteNavy Region Northwest
09/06 - 09/08Mullins, L.Cpl/E-492; 128Non-BCD SPCMTrial/JABremerton (Northwest Circuit)HendersonKinkadeCaouetteNavy Region Northwest
09/08 - 09/09Nelson, M.SN/E-381; 120GCMTrial/MNorfolk (Central Circuit)LarsenPhillipsJanesNavy Region Mid-Atlantic
09/08 - 09/08Parent, D.PO2/E-5134GCM39a MotSan Diego (Southwest Circuit)LockhartBurksLinkNavy Region Southwest
08/15 - 08/19Patterson, C.1stLt/O-2120c; 133GCMTrial/MCamp Pendleton (Western Circuit)GoodeCarterCourtneyMarine Corps Base Camp Pendleton
08/22 - 08/26Patterson, C.1stLt/O-2120c; 133GCMTrial/MCamp Pendleton (Western Circuit)GoodeCarterCourtneyMarine Corps Base Camp Pendleton
08/15 - 08/19Paulino, E.SSgt/E-6120GCMTrial/MMiramar (Western Circuit)PoteetBridgesCorderoMarine Corps Air Station Miramar
09/07 - 09/07Perry, A.SR/E-1120GCM39a ArrBremerton (Northwest Circuit)HendersonTaylorHendelNavy Region Northwest
09/07 - 09/07Reid, E.SN/E-3134SPCM39a ArrSan Diego (Southwest Circuit)LockhartRodriguizMcBrideNavy Region Southwest
08/17 - 08/17Roberts, R.SN/E-380SPCMTrial/JAJacksonville (Southern Circuit)CattoPortzerWalkerNavy Region Southeast
09/07 - 09/07Robinson, B.PO3/E-4112aSPCM39a MotSan Diego (Southwest Circuit)LockhartHowesPfeilNavy Region Southwest
08/11 - 08/12Salinas, C.PO2/E-580; 128GCMTrial/MJacksonville (Southern Circuit)TrestWonCummingsNavy Region Southeast
08/14 - 08/19Salinas, C.PO2/E-580; 128GCMTrial/MJacksonville (Southern Circuit)TrestWonCummingsNavy Region Southeast
08/11 - 08/12Seranyfavors, K.Cpl/E-4134GCM39a MotCamp Lejeune (Eastern Circuit)RoblesMeisnerRileyMarine Corps Base Camp Lejeune
09/06 - 09/09Shelby, K.Sgt/E-5107; 120a; 120c; 128; 134GCMTrial/MOkinawa (WESTPAC Circuit)KingTkachWilsonMarine Corps Installations Pacific
08/18 - 08/18Shelby, K.Sgt/E-5107; 120; 120c; 128; 134GCM39a MotOkinawa (WESTPAC Circuit)KingTkachWilsonMarine Corps Installations Pacific
08/22 - 08/25Singh, B.SN/E-3115; 128SPCMTrial/MWashington Navy Yard (Northern Circuit)TangBilterBennettNaval District Washington
09/12 - 09/16Stinson, J.CPO/E-7112aSPCMTrial/MPearl Harbor (Hawaii Circuit)HendersonStevensMonckNaval District Washington
08/24 - 08/24Stovall-Ceja, S.SN/E-380; 120GCM39a MotNorfolk (Central Circuit)OstromEndieveriPhippsNavy Region Mid-Atlantic
09/04 - 09/09Suarez, J.Cpl/E-480; 82; 112aGCMTrial/MKaneohe Bay (Hawaii Circuit)KeaneHillMonckMarine Corps Base Hawaii
09/07 - 09/07Taper, C.SR/E-181; 112a; 131b; 134GCM39a MotGreat Lakes (Northern Circuit)FedericoDaneheyCookNavy Region Mid-Atlantic
08/25 - 08/25Tejada-Roman, J.PO3/E-4120; 128GCM39a MotNorfolk (Central Circuit)LarsenBreechJanesNavy Region Mid-Atlantic
08/28 - 08/30Thomas, J.Sgt/E-590SPCMTrial/JACamp Lejeune (Eastern Circuit)WoodardBeresfordBunkerMarine Corps Base Camp Lejeune
08/11 - 08/12Thuesday, G.GySgt/E-781; 82; 112a; 119b; 131b; 134GCM39a MotCamp Lejeune (Eastern Circuit)HenryMelickTibbitsMarine Corps Base Camp Lejeune
09/01 - 09/01Trickett, S.LTJG/O-2107; 120; 128; 130; 133; 134GCM39a MotNorfolk (Central Circuit)LarsenBreechReddingNavy Region Mid-Atlantic
09/07 - 09/09Valenciabenitez, B.PO3/E-492Non-BCD SPCMTrial/MSan Diego (Southwest Circuit)BrownNyaradiConwayNavy Region Southwest
08/18 - 08/18Waid, L.PO3/E-480; 120b; 134GCMTrial/JAGreat Lakes (Northern Circuit)StephensDaneheyBrooksNavy Region Mid-Atlantic
08/18 - 08/19Webster, J.Capt/O-3120GCM39a ArrCamp Lejeune (Eastern Circuit)WoodardMilonKouzemaMarine Corps Base Quantico
09/12 - 09/12Wilkinson, O.Pvt/E-192; 112aSPCM39a MotQuantico (Northern Circuit)StephensBlancoKerzhalsMarine Corps Base Quantico
08/22 - 08/26Zamudio, R.PFC/E-281; 112aGCMTrial/MTwentynine Palms (Western Circuit)GoodePriceGannonMarine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Twentynine Palms
08/12 - 08/12Zamudio, R.PFC/E-281; 112aGCM39a MotCamp Pendleton (Western Circuit)PoteetPriceGannonMarine Corps Base Camp Pendleton
08/29 - 09/02Zimmerman, J.PO3/E-4131b; 134GCMTrial/MSan Diego (Southwest Circuit)LockhartNyaradiLansdownNavy Region Southwest
Judicial Circuits
Northern: The Naval District Washington, D.C., Quantico and Dahlgren, Virginia. Marine Corps Forces Reserve, New Orleans, Louisiana. Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Tennessee, Vermont, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.

Central: Virginia (except those areas within the Northern Circuit)

Eastern: North Carolina

Southern: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Texas. Louisiana (except for Marine Corps Forces Reserve, New Orleans, Louisiana). Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, Panama, and Puerto Rico.

Southwest: All cases convened by USN Convening Authorities in Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah.

Northwest: All cases convened by USN Convening Authorities in Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington and Wyoming.

Western: All cases convened by USMC Convening Authorities in Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Montana, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming.

Hawaii: Hawaii

WESTPAC: Japan, Guam, Korea, Australia, Diego Garcia, New Zealand, and Philippines.

EURAFCENT: Europe, Africa, countries of the Middle East and Southwest Asia, Iceland, the Arabian Gulf, the Mediterranean and Red Seas, and all Atlantic Ocean areas not assigned to another circuit.

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