Coast Guard Court Filings & Records

This section contains Coast Guard court filings and records.

Filings - motions, notices, petitions, and requests submitted to a trial court or a Court of Criminal Appeals.
Records - charge sheet, convening order(s), court rulings, Statement of Trial Results, Convening Authority's Action, Entry of Judgment, and appellate court orders and opinions. Court records do not include the Article 32 Preliminary Hearing Report, a recording of any court session, or any transcript of the proceedings.
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Docket #NameCharge(s)TypeTrial LocationUploaded
CGGCM 0384Anderson, A.124SpecialNorfolk, VA09/09/2021
CGGCM 0385Armitage, C.120GeneralNorfolk, VA11/28/2021
CGSPCM 25004Brzyski, M.120c;134SpecialNorfolk, VA12/27/2021
CGGCM 0382Flores, S.120;128;134GeneralAlameda, CA07/30/2021
CGGCM 0388Grijalva, M.107;131b;134GeneralSeattle, WA08/02/2022
CGGCM 0381Hinton, W.107;134GeneralAlameda, CA05/27/2021
CGGCM 0389James, D.134GeneralNorfolk, VA08/02/2022
CGGCM 0390James, J.92;134GeneralHonolulu HI08/02/2022
CGGCM 0383Price, J.120b;133;134GeneralNorfolk, VA08/05/2022
CGGCM 0391Richard, K.118GeneralNorfolk, VA09/06/2022
CGGCM 0386Shafran, A.120;134GeneralNorfolk, VA06/06/2022
CGSPCM 24999Thomas, J.120c;134SpecialNorfolk, VA09/12/2021